Senior Exhibition Setup Information

Please adhere to the following guidelines regarding the installation and display of design work for the Graphic Design Senior Exhibition.

  • Center height of overall presentation is 59” from floor. See diagram
  • Maintain 2” vertical and horizontal space between each displayed work.
  • Gallery shelves should be installed with a top surface shelf height of 38” from floor
  • Flat work should be mounted on white foamboard and secured to the wall with wood/foamboard cleats. Wooden cleats provided by the 3G Gallery
  • Letterhead, bcards, envelopes should be mounted on white foam board. See example images
  • Small items such as bcards and project description labels should be mounted on white foamboard and affixed to the wall with 3M Command Strips.
  • Title and description labels should be 2” in height, width as necessary, and set in Helvetica Bold & Roman 12 pt, with 6pt afterspacing.

Note: For 2017 the width of each display space will be 10 feet.