Minor in Graphic Design

The Minor in Graphic Design is designed to provide students with a general understanding of typography, the use of image and color, concept development, software skills, and the language of graphic design. The Minor in Graphic Design may be particularly useful for students studying Animation, Photography, Mass Communication, Business, Interior Design, or Marketing.

The following are required for all Graphic Design Minors
ARTS 2313 Foundations in Digital Art
ARTS 2323 Principles of Graphic Design
ARTS 3322 Typography

In addition, Graphic Design Minors are required to take 9 hours of advanced Graphic Design selected from the following;
ARTS 3323 Graphic Design in Context
ARTS 3324 Corporate Identity Design
ARTS 3326 Graphic Design Production
ARTS 3383 Design History
ARTS 4325 Advanced Typographic Design
ARTS 4333 Interactive Design

Prerequisites: ARTS 1313, 1314 & 1315, WASH (Workshop in Art Studio and History) are listed as prerequisite for the courses in the minor. WASH will be waived for students who minor in Graphic Design. Portfolio reviews that are required for majors will also not be required for minors. Students who minor in Graphic Design will have these prerequisites waived upon meeting with a department advisors. A Graphic Design minor may not declare a major in Graphic Design without approval of the chair and completion of the BFA prerequisites and required portfolio reviews.