GD Portfolio Review Guidelines

Graphic Design Portfolio Review
SHSU Graphic Design students will be required to successfully complete a portfolio review in order to continue in the program. This review is designed to assess your strengths and weaknesses, and offer you a forum to demonstrate your readiness to move forward in the program.

Graphic Design students that have completed ARTS 2323 (Principles of Graphic Design) and are enrolled in or have completed ARTS 3322 (Typography), will be expected to participate in the Graphic Design Portfolio Review, which will take place at the end of ARTS 3322.

Acceptance into the program
Review participants will be evaluated on the criteria specified in this document, and must receive a score of 80 or higher to move forward in the Graphic Design program. Those scoring below 80 will not be allowed to move forward, but will have the option to participate one additional time in the next subsequent review.

The design profession is extremely competitive, and those students demonstrating the greatest potential for success will be invited to move forward in the program. Accordingly, project or course grades do not automatically translate into a successful review outcome.

Enrollment in upper level Graphic Design classes will be held until the review results have been determined. Students successfully completing the review will be permitted to enroll in upper level Graphic Design classes. Students failing to pass the Graphic Design Portfolio Review will not be allowed to enroll in upper level Graphic Design classes.


  • Successful completion of the SHSU Department of Art BFA Review.
  • Completion of ARTS 2323 (Principles of Graphic Design).
  • Have completed or be currently enrolled in ARTS 3322 (Typography).
  • Presentation of all work from ARTS 2323 and ARTS 3322
  • Two projects of your choice from classes outside Graphic Design.
  • A self-evaluation statement.

The Self-Evaluation Statement
Prepare a one page typed statement that discusses your preparation and readiness to move forward in the design program. Your analysis should address the following:

  • Why you have chosen to pursue this course of study
  • Your design influences and inspiration
  • What you have learned about design thus far
  • A weakness in your design abilities beyond craft
  • Why you should be formally accepted into the Graphic Design Program at SHSU

Your statement should utilize a design vocabulary and be attentive to spelling, grammar, and syntax.

A copy of this statement should be delivered to the Art Office at least one week before the review. An additional copy should also be presented with your portfolio.

Your portfolio review score will be based on evaluation of the following
Aesthetic Sensitivity (35 points)
Organization of space, visual hierarchy, use of color, imagery, typography.

Creativity / Concept (25 points)
Visual problem solving, originality and appropriateness of design solutions.

Presentation / Craftsmanship (20 points)
Precision and accuracy of project execution and presentation, handling of materials, attention to detail.

Participation / Focus / Professionalism (10 points)
Attitude and behavior in/toward the class. Timeliness and participation in critiques and class activities.

Self Evaluation (6 points)
Appropriate use of graphic design terminology. Well articulated, demonstrates attention to detail, addressess specified requirements. A thoughtful examination.

GPA (4 points)
Overall Grade Point Average.